[OpenSCAD] geared part

jon jon at jonbondy.com
Fri May 31 17:12:42 EDT 2019



When I specify gear(800 teeth, 5 pitch, and 3.5 clearance), I get a gear 
that is only about 20 mm in diameter.  800x5 implies a circumference of 
about 4 meters.  I must be misunderstanding the parameters


On 5/31/2019 1:36 AM, Rob Sherwood wrote:
> The MCAD library that is part of OpenSCAD is not a bad place to start
> (https://github.com/openscad/MCAD).  I've found a few bugs (and
> submitted a few patches :-) in it (specific issue about pitch diameter
> being calculated incorrectly) but largely works for me (TM).
> Hope that helps,
> - Rob

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