[OpenSCAD] geared part

jon jon at jonbondy.com
Thu May 30 14:41:28 EDT 2019

I have been asked to print a geared part off of a Sears Craftsman table 
saw (Sears is unable to provide a replacement part for a three year old 
saw!).  The part is a plate with holes in it (simple), a curved slot 
(relatively simple) and a curved set of gear teeth (not that simple, for 

I suppose I could start out by pretending that I have a full gear of the 
required diameter (presuming that I am able to infer that) and teeth 
(presuming that I am capable of measuring that) and then mask it with 
the plate.

Any recommendations in terms of gear libraries (I recall there are quite 
a few) and process (how to measure teeth, radius, etc).

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