[OpenSCAD] Adding a OpenSCAD pretty Printer

corpsman corpsman at corpsman.de
Mon May 27 11:00:59 EDT 2019

Dear List,

at the moment i am playing around with creating a OpenSCAD pretty
printer to give my written code a better look.
If you have Linux-64Bit you can test a demo application by downloading
this: https://www.Corpsman.de/OpenSCAD_pretty_printer.tar.gz

Actually this is a really raw and early stage (could not detect unary
operands, missing tons of features ..)

When finished i plan to have at least the following features:

- run without gui
- configure by passing a configurationfile
- support Windows / Linux
- Integration into OpenSCAD

Finishing my tool to support the first 3 is not a problem. But
integrating it into OpenSCAD is.

So my question, is there out someone who is willing to do that ?

In my wildest dream this should act like the following workflow.

Open OpenSCAD, go to the options

configure a external tool to call
configure a key-binding for that tool (for this special one i like to
choose CTRL+D)
configure the params that where passed, this should be at least:
 -filename of the current file in the editor
 -To support some of my other ideas additionally it should be possible
to pas the actual caret position to the called tool.

Run it wihtin the IDE as often as needed.

OpenScad then will do the following.
 1. store the editor content to file
 2. run the external tool
 3. load the editor content from file
 4. restore the caret position from before the key command.

So what do you think ?
Is there a chance to do that ?

If not i will publish my tool anyway, but without OpenSCAD integration
it would not be as nice as it could be.

Best regards


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