[OpenSCAD] New Release

Torsten Paul Torsten.Paul at gmx.de
Mon May 27 04:35:00 EDT 2019

On 22.05.19 15:08, Algot Runeman wrote:
> I followed the instructions from the downloads page, adding the PPA,
> updating, upgrade, etc. Nothing... Then "sudo apt install openscad" etc.
> but no offer of a new version appears. I was informed that I have the
> newest version.
> Did I miss a step?

No, it seems it's not yet updated. PPA and distribution releases
are not part of the official release so it might take some time
to catch up.

Meanwhile the AppImage should run fine on 18.04 (provided it's
a 64-bit installation as there's no 32-bit AppImage yet).


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