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witte1000 dirk.willems at tutanota.com
Thu May 23 11:36:57 EDT 2019

Dear lar3ry,

Thank you very much for your feedback !

I see I'm running OpenSCAD version 2015.03-2, did the install from the ppa

Your code is mindblowing holy crap, this is a really nice trick !!! exactly
what i was looking for 

And yes you are true if I change central to center or the other way around,
don't have the warning but the center way is not the picture in my mind,
with central it is 100% what i have in my mind, so I messed up with the
central, to be honest I don't understand what the meaning is of central ( my
apologize I'm from Belgium and English is not my mother langue) but it
worked like in my mind lol

The purpose of this inlet is to mix the air with the water, so the first
cone with the small pipe suck in the air and created the air chamber, the
second cone inside the first cone create the hole for the water flow, on the
end of the cone beginning of the large pipe the air meet and mixed with the
water and together they suck into the pump from the large pipe

The water flow will create a venturie (don't know in English) sucking in
whereby the little pipe sucking in the air to mix with the water, so the
front side of the cone most be closed only the hole for the water can be
open no 2 cons on the pipe, the pipe has to remove  ...

The front side where the water is sucking in is de beginning of the cone and
the end what goes into the pump is the large pipe

Hopefully this make sense ?

I'm sorry it's difficult to explain from mail ...

Once again thank you very much already for teaching me this amazing trick
!!! I'm very happy with this :)

Kind Regards,

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