[OpenSCAD] WARNING: Scaling a 2D object with 0 - removing object

openscad at ray.bellis.me.uk openscad at ray.bellis.me.uk
Tue May 21 12:42:03 EDT 2019

On 21/05/2019 17:32, A. Craig West wrote:

> It is by far the simplest way to generate wedges and cubes, though,
> and there is no actual 1D or 2D object, they are just a vertex or edge
> of the final 3D object, which are both valid.

They might _look_ like just a vertex or edge, but unless OpenSCAD has 
smarts I don't know about, aren't they actually four vertices (or two 
edges) occupying the same location(s).

Specifying e.g. 0.001 as the scale factor should produce something 
that's physically identical, but without the degeneration to 2D or 1D.


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