[OpenSCAD] WARNING: Scaling a 2D object with 0 - removing object

openscad at ray.bellis.me.uk openscad at ray.bellis.me.uk
Tue May 21 12:24:44 EDT 2019

On 21/05/2019 17:10, Dan Shriver wrote:

> I get the warning in my old version of OpenScad too.  But it also 
> renders a wedge (suggesting the warning, at least in my version, 
> happens every time there is multiplication by zero; but that it does 
> not necessarily really remove the object).  If both arguments are 
> zero it renders a pyramid.

The "scale" value is causing the original square to be turned into a
degenerate line in the [0, 1] case or a point for [0, 0].

For a system that's intended for modelling 3D, I'm not entirely
surprised that it's complaining about the resulting 2D and 1D "objects".


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