[OpenSCAD] "Too many unnamed arguments "

lar3ry lar3ry at sasktel.net
Tue May 14 22:05:15 EDT 2019

adrianv wrote
> I'd say at this point I'm past the rookie stage and yet I still sometimes
> screw up and pass 3 parameters instead of a vector to some modules.  
> I'm curious why you think silent failure is preferred to an error message. 
> I find that it is difficult to debug OpenSCAD code in many cases because
> errors produce "undef" and the undefs propagate through the code, undef
> begetting undef, possibly quite a distance before some routine finally
> refuses to function and produces a diagnostic message.  It sure would be
> nice to know where that first failure point is rather than having to start
> inserting echo() after echo() to try to track it down.  

I didn't mean that I prefer the old way in a general case, but only in this
particular instance. Much of my debugging consists of looking at the result
and figuring out where I went wrong. With translate() it was particularly
easy because if the translate didn't work, the result would be that whatever
I was translating would be in the wrong place.

I'll definitely get used to the new way it shows up. What really threw me
was that I really wasn't sure what that error meant. I thought it was
pointing out the line above the translate, and never thought to look closely
at the translate statement.

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