[OpenSCAD] unit testing based on # of volumes

AdrianSchlatter ad at tambora.ch
Tue May 14 15:45:18 EDT 2019

That clearly means it cannot be done with today’s openscad. It can be done by
changing openscad (as you outlined) or by using third party tools (as
outlined by Carsten). If this would be an urgent problem, I’d go for
Carsten’s AngelCAD. It’s not urgent, therefore I’ll avoid that extra
dependency for now.

Am I the only one interested in that feature? Or is this a use case others
have as well? Should the suggested command line option provide additional
information to be more useful for unit testing?

Regards, Adrian

nophead wrote
> The code that prints the volumes is part of the GUI so it doesn't happen
> when running without a GUI. It is here:
> https://github.com/openscad/openscad/blob/master/src/mainwin.cc#L2276
> I don't think it would be a big job to move it to openscad.cc and call it
> from mainwin.cc. Perhaps  a command line option to enable it as most
> people
> probably don't want the extra noise.

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