[OpenSCAD] Export animation frames (misleading FR translation)

JackDesBwa jackdesbwa at gmail.com
Mon May 13 06:42:47 EDT 2019

> I started by cloning the repo, and build the last version (mkdir build &&
> cd build && cmake .. && make -j9)
> I also made the .mo file from the .po (sgfmt locale/fr.po -o locale/fr.mo)
> I finally found that the binary searches for several places, for example
> <path of repo>/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/openscad.mo so I copied the generated
> .mo file there (and strace'ing shows that it opens it successfully).
> Unfortunately, it is not sufficient. What is missing ?

I answer to myself, for who reads the archives afterwards:
building with qmake/make (instead of cmake/make) seems to build the
translations [
In particular, it runs ./scripts/translation-make.sh

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