[OpenSCAD] unit testing based on # of volumes

Carsten Arnholm arnholm at arnholm.org
Thu May 9 15:22:46 EDT 2019

On 09.05.2019 20:53, AdrianSchlatter wrote:
> Carsten,
> Sounds good to me, thanks for the help. Can I compile AngelCAD on MacOS?
> Linux is ok for CI server, of course, but it would be nice to run the tests
> locally as well.

I don't see anything in principle for it not to work, but I have no 
particular interest in or experience with MacOS, so I have done 'only' 
Windows and Linux. It is possible on the Mac with some dedication, but 
it would be a new os port. All the tools & components are available I think.

Alternatively install a virtual machine with Ubuntu on the Mac, or 
simply get OpenSCAD to report to the console :-)

Carsten Arnholm

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