[OpenSCAD] unit testing based on # of volumes

AdrianSchlatter ad at tambora.ch
Wed May 8 13:01:05 EDT 2019

I‘m looking for a way to render a .scad file and get the number of rendered
volumes in a machine-readable way - i.e. on the cmdline. Purpose: unit
testing. I‘m creating a library of threads (hundreds) and want to verify
that nuts and bolts are created as exactly one part each, and that a bolt
does not collide with its mating nut. Idea: render nut + bolt. Check number
of volumes:

1: what the Heck?!
2: collision
3: ok
>=4: Something is detached (e.g. thread not attached to bolt)

My problem: OpenSCAD prints the number of volumes when run in GUI. I have
not found a way to make it print that info on cmd line. Any ideas?

Best regards, Adrian

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