[OpenSCAD] Export animation frames (misleading FR translation)

JackDesBwa jackdesbwa at gmail.com
Tue May 7 04:42:07 EDT 2019

I just discovered how to export animation as frames.
In animation panel, just check "Dump Pictures" and run the animation
Sure, the procedure is not intuitive and might be improved; but here I want
to discuss about FR translation.

The FR translation is even more misleading:
The checkbox "Dump Pictures" is translated as "Vider les photos" which is
semantically close to "Empty/Clean the photos". This text made me think
that is was made to clear an animation cache.
In this context, I would have translated either as "Exporter les images",
"Export des images" or "Dump des images".
The first correspond to the verb "export" (the second is a [shorter] noun
equivalent), while the third is a noun not officially in french language
but commonly used in computer science field.
Also, I use "images" because it is closer to "images par seconde" used to
designate framerate and in this context probably a better translation for
pictures too.

As a first step, I suggest that someone who has access to the sources
change the translation => "Dump des images" is closer to the original and
less misleading.
While not fully satisfactory, it is better than current version.
Than, if someone has French knowledge on this list, a discussion about the
best terminology can be engaged.
Of course, changing the UI would be better, but it is also a big work for a
quite secondary functionality.

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