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Mon May 6 09:54:57 EDT 2019

On 2019-05-06 15:17, Alex Gibson wrote:
> Is there a way to translate OpenSCAD code to AngelCAD?
> And is AngelCAD able to export STEP files?

Hi Alex,

No effort has been made to translate OpenSCAD code to AngelCAD so the 
answer is no. The opposite is possible, AngelCAD can generate an 
OpenSCAD .csg file.

AngelCAD is mesh based as it uses xcsg ( https://github.com/arnholm/xcsg 
) which again is based on Carve. This is similar to OpenSCAD that is 
also mesh based using CGAL.  When you ask about STEP, I guess you are 
talking about boundary representation 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boundary_representation, a rather 
different description of 3d geometry compared to mesh based Constructive 
Solid Geometry (CSG). So just like OpenSCAD, AngelCAD/xcsg cannot export 
B-REP STEP files. The export formats include (via xcsg)

   --amf                 AMF output format (Additive Manufacturing 
   --csg                 CSG output format (OpenSCAD)
   --dxf                 DXF output format (AutoCAD DXF - 2D only)
   --svg                 SVG output format (Scalar Vector Graphics - 2D 
   --stl                 STL output format (STereoLitography)
   --astl                STL output format (STereoLitography) - ASCII
   --obj                 OBJ output format (Wavefront format)
   --off                 OFF output format (Geomview Object File Format)

AngelCAD can import AMF, OBJ and OFF

Carsten Arnholm

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