[OpenSCAD] New OpenSCAD Member – Google Season of Docs 2019

Torsten Paul Torsten.Paul at gmx.de
Sat May 4 19:48:53 EDT 2019

Hello and welcome. Thanks for your interest in our
GSoD project proposals. Your extensive CAD experience
is certainly a good source of inspiration for writing
a tutorial.

Please make sure to read the official guide posted
by Google as this defines a number of rules and
requirements as well as the time line for getting a
project accepted. Specifically Google requires role
descriptions and work samples for earlier work as
technical writer to be posted along with the project

As for the tutorial, the Google guide links to a YT
video from PyCon Australia 2017 which I found very
useful for understanding the specific goals a tutorial
should target:

   What nobody tells you about documentation

It seems like a good starting point in defining how
to approach the project. But of cause there's still
lots of room to define the details and discuss
options, not only regarding the content but also the
final presentation. We are here to support you with
information and ideas.


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