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Kevin Toppenberg kdtop3 at gmail.com
Sat May 4 07:39:56 EDT 2019

You sound like an excellent person to work on tutorials!  Welcome!

Kevin T

On Sat, May 4, 2019 at 7:14 AM Themis <themistos at meng.auth.gr> wrote:

> Hello everyone, nice to meet you!
> I am Themistoklis Spanoudis, but you can also call me Themis. I am at the
> 5th year of my studies (integrated Master) in Mechanical Engineering in
> Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece. I am happy that i have
> found
> your organisation because i have both a CAD and a programming background
> and
> i would like to contribute in one of your GSOD projects. Specifically, what
> caught my attention is: “Create an OpenSCAD Tutorial”.
> So, a few things about my background, about 3-3.5 year ago we started with
> some classmates an aerospace student team, we designed and built our
> aircraft and participated in Air Cargo Challenge 2017 in Zagreb. During
> that
> period, i gained extensive experience in commercial CAD software (Autodesk
> Inventor and Dassault Systemes Soliworks) as head of the structural design
> and construction team. My experience with CAD also extends to various
> university assignments ranging from simple parts to full design and
> assembly
> of a sailing winch. As far as my programming skills, i have been coding for
> various university projects and more extensively for my master thesis which
> i just completed in Airbus Helicopters in Germany on the topic of flight
> trajectory optimization. Specifically, i have been using a lot of MATLAB
> and
> a bit less of Python for years for pretty much everything. From finite
> element analysis code and fatigue analysis using rainflow counting to
> supply
> chain optimization and lately trajectory optimization for my master thesis
> in Airbus.
> I have currently installed OpenSCAD and i have started exploring the
> in-build examples to get familiar with the language and with the approach
> of
> constructive solid geometry compared to the boundary representation which
> is
> common in commercial software. As far as CAD in general, i am an advocate
> of
> fully parametric design and i have experienced first-hand various
> difficulties that can occur with it, especially when working on a visual
> environment. Considering the complex nature of the object-oriented APIs of
> commercial CAD software in comparison to the more straight forward
> -functional programming like- CSG scripting of OpenSCAD, i can see OpenSCAD
> as a good fit, with much lower barrier to entry, for anyone interested in
> parametric modelling of complex or simple designs. For this purpose, i
> believe a well-structured tutorial starting from simple modelling
> techniques
> and moving to more complex modelling examples would be a good foundation
> for
> engaging more of the CAD community. As a starting point, i would like to
> get
> more familiar with the software as well as with the existing examples and
> then find out how this project could move on.
> I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
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