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Themis themistos at meng.auth.gr
Sat May 4 07:13:27 EDT 2019

Hello everyone, nice to meet you!

I am Themistoklis Spanoudis, but you can also call me Themis. I am at the
5th year of my studies (integrated Master) in Mechanical Engineering in
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece. I am happy that i have found
your organisation because i have both a CAD and a programming background and
i would like to contribute in one of your GSOD projects. Specifically, what
caught my attention is: “Create an OpenSCAD Tutorial”.

So, a few things about my background, about 3-3.5 year ago we started with
some classmates an aerospace student team, we designed and built our
aircraft and participated in Air Cargo Challenge 2017 in Zagreb. During that
period, i gained extensive experience in commercial CAD software (Autodesk
Inventor and Dassault Systemes Soliworks) as head of the structural design
and construction team. My experience with CAD also extends to various
university assignments ranging from simple parts to full design and assembly
of a sailing winch. As far as my programming skills, i have been coding for
various university projects and more extensively for my master thesis which
i just completed in Airbus Helicopters in Germany on the topic of flight
trajectory optimization. Specifically, i have been using a lot of MATLAB and
a bit less of Python for years for pretty much everything. From finite
element analysis code and fatigue analysis using rainflow counting to supply
chain optimization and lately trajectory optimization for my master thesis
in Airbus.

I have currently installed OpenSCAD and i have started exploring the
in-build examples to get familiar with the language and with the approach of
constructive solid geometry compared to the boundary representation which is
common in commercial software. As far as CAD in general, i am an advocate of
fully parametric design and i have experienced first-hand various
difficulties that can occur with it, especially when working on a visual
environment. Considering the complex nature of the object-oriented APIs of
commercial CAD software in comparison to the more straight forward
-functional programming like- CSG scripting of OpenSCAD, i can see OpenSCAD
as a good fit, with much lower barrier to entry, for anyone interested in
parametric modelling of complex or simple designs. For this purpose, i
believe a well-structured tutorial starting from simple modelling techniques
and moving to more complex modelling examples would be a good foundation for
engaging more of the CAD community. As a starting point, i would like to get
more familiar with the software as well as with the existing examples and
then find out how this project could move on.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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