[OpenSCAD] Rounded Polygon

adrianv avm4 at cornell.edu
Fri May 3 13:07:28 EDT 2019

You just want to round the junctions?  I think you can do that for an
arbitrary 2d shape using offset(), with something like this (which was
previously mentioned many posts ago on this thread):

module round2d(or, ir)
    offset(or) offset(-ir-or) offset(delta=ir) children();

As long as your walls aren't too thin relative to the curvature you want
(which looks small in your examples) I think that the above will actually do
the job of rounding any box you want to make.  

round2d(or=.4, ir=1){ 

If you set or>-0.5 then you get in trouble because the walls vanish.  But if
you round the outside shape first (before cutting out the middle) you can
resolve this problem.  


I'm not sure what you mean about the "algorithm for subdividing" part of
your project, though.  

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