[OpenSCAD] How can I make a phase on a cube just on on side

adrianv avm4 at cornell.edu
Fri May 3 11:42:48 EDT 2019

If you're willing to use a library I suggest this solution with the Belfry
OpenSCAD Library available at
https://github.com/revarbat/BOSL which will let you round any edges you want
on a cube.  


cuboid([10,10,10], fillet=2, edges=EDGES_TOP);   // just top edges rounded
right(15)cuboid([10,10,10], fillet=2, edges=EDGES_ALL-EDGES_BOTTOM);   //
all but the bottom
right(30)cuboid([10,10,10], fillet=2, edges=EDGE_RT_FT);   // just one edge


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