[OpenSCAD] The OpenSCAD Language

G. Wade Johnson gwadej at anomaly.org
Fri May 3 08:23:58 EDT 2019

I know this subject comes up every few months, but it seems to have run
longer than most times I can remember.

I wonder why people cannot understand that OpenSCAD is not a general
purpose programming language, it is a language for describing 3D
objects. As such, the creator of the language made design trade-offs
different than what you might make for Python or Java.

Over a pretty long programming career, I've seen people make a similar
mistake in general purpose languages. They confuse a design choice with
an error in judgment. In the end, they end up spending an inordinate
amount of time "fighting" the language, when they could be getting work

I'm not going to try to say that OpenSCAD is perfect. Everyone here
knows there are deficiencies. Some people are even volunteering their
time to fix some of them. I really appreciate the work that has been
done to make OpenSCAD the tool that it is, and I definitely don't thank
the maintainers enough.

Many of the improvements I have seen in the last seven years of using
OpenSCAD have come from suggestions from this list. Almost all of them
have come from understanding the tool and pointing out a change within
the scope of the design.

Try to be respectful of the work that has gone into a tool we all use,
and assume that the maintainers made the choices they did for valid,
intelligent reasons.

Sorry for the rant,
G. Wade Johnson
Cannot say. Saying I would know, do not know, so cannot say.
                                  -- Zathras - "The War without End"

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