[OpenSCAD] SVG import layers?

gasstationwithoutpumps karplus at soe.ucsc.edu
Wed Jul 31 18:32:15 EDT 2019

Thank you for the pointer to

There is no pointer to it from

What other pages are there to the manual that are "hidden" by not having any
mention on the top page?  I don't know what to look for if there is no
mention at the top level.

It would be nice to be able to specify a subset of an SVG file (by group
name or color, for example) for import, so that an SVG file with several
objects that are carefully aligned could be imported and then the objects
handled separately (with different height extrusions, for example). 
Inkscape seems to implement layers by group commands in svg, so restricting
by group name would be the closest equivalent of layer names in dxf.

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