[OpenSCAD] 3D model for stamp fabrication

cbernhardt charlie at carols62.com
Tue Jul 30 14:50:17 EDT 2019

I could not figure out how to do it inside OpenSCAD so I did it in AutoCAD.
I traced the letters in AutoCAD and created polylines of the outlines of the
Then I offset the polylines and moved the offset polylines up (+Z) by 3mm or
whatever letter height I needed.  Many years ago I wrote a routine in
AutoCAD that produces a TIN (Triangulated Irregular Network, similar to a 
Delaunay triangulation) which creates 3DFACEs like what you have in an STL
file.  I used this routine to create a TIN of the letter.   I also wrote a
routine that produces an STL file from the TIN.

Are the letters in your DXF file all that you need or do you need an entire
If an entire alphabet, do you have a Truetype font file of the alphabet?
I can create STL files of each letter if that would help you.

The “curved” parts of the letters in your DXF file are made of rather long
line segments that I can also “smooth” if you wish (see attachment). 
Send me an email if interested.


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