[OpenSCAD] 3D model for stamp fabrication

fred_dot_u fred_dot_u at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 30 09:53:19 EDT 2019

An update on the previously posted link to the Thingiverse chamfered text

It accepts font names not listed in the file, as long as they are installed
on your computer.
You can get "mirrored" text required for a stamp by entering a scale number
less than one.
Doing so removes the binding plate from the bottom of the letters and also
spaces out the letters, but you can adjust kerning in the file. For the
binding plate, one simply adds a flat cube at the appropriate location. The
original binding plate should be neutralized by zeroing out that value in
the cod.

I don't have the smarts to analyze the creator's code, but the one negative
that jumps out is that a dot on a period is going to be on a slanted stalk,
a not particularly strong structure in the 3D printed world, but also one
that could be manually modified with some experimentation.

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