[OpenSCAD] 3D model for stamp fabrication

Fram valkrsk at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 22:11:51 EDT 2019

I'm trying to create 3D model to print a stamp. I started with Inkscape SVG
file with some text converted in single path in it. Then I convert it into
DXF format with plugin for Inkscape. Then I import it into OpenSCAD and
extrude the stamp. The problem is that the stamp should have a cone-like
shape. The letters must become thick at the bottom. I did't find the way to
this using extrude command so I sliced the model into a set of layers and
applied different offset values to each layer. But the result has a lot of
artifacts. Is there another way to do it instead of slicing?

    translate( [0, 0, 0.7*i/30] )
linear_extrude(height = 0.7/30, convexity = 10,scale=1,slices = 1)
offset(r = 0.2*i/30)
import(file = "drawing1.dxf",center = true,scale=1.5);
translate( [-2,-2,0.7] )
cube(size = [50,50,0.2]);

Here is the DXF file that I used https://cloud.mail.ru/public/3kaU/3w7h3czN1


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