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Yes I rarely use mirror but I have for(side = [-1, 1]) all over the place
with a translate( side * ) ... and possibly rotate( side * ...). That makes
my parts symmetrical but I can always have and if(side > 0) to break

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> gounthar wrote
> > My first problem/question was: what is the correct way to code that
> > symmetry? Should I use mirror, or translate?
> Mirror may seem convenient to position items which have symmetry.
> But will the item always be symmetrical?
> If you later wish to adapt your code such that it loses symmetry it will be
> complicated.
> Just because two rectangles are equally spaced from a centre line doesn't
> make them mirrors.
> For example if you wanted to add a text imprint, the opposite side would be
> inverted.
> I rarely use mirror, and reserve it for where actual inversion is needed,
> ie
> when you want the left side to become the right side (or top/bottom).
> <http://forum.openscad.org/file/t359/Mirror-x.png>
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