[OpenSCAD] Modify the viewport without reopening OpenSCAD

Juan C.Cilleruelo juanc.cilleruelo at gmail.com
Sat Jul 27 03:38:42 EDT 2019

Thank you, Paul!
I've just checked these variables and I think I found the path to solve 
my problem (Really to make an improvement to my software)

$vpt = [ 307.88, 422.79, 929.94 ];
$vpr = [ 86.50, 0.00, 16.60 ];
$vpd = 2973.77;

My program can send keystrokes to OpenSCAD. I make this all the time. I 
need to send to OpenSCAD the next keystrokes:

"Ctrl+T" to copy to clipboard $vpt value;
"Alt+E" and "Y" to copy to clipboard $vpr value.
and "Alt+E" and "W" to copy $vpd.

After each keystroke, I need to take the clipboard values inside 
temporal variables in my software. When I need to restore the values I 
save my .scad file that starts defining again the values.

$vpt = [ 307.88, 422.79, 929.94 ];
$vpr = [ 86.50, 0.00, 16.60 ];
$vpd = 2973.77;

The only worry about this technique is if there is going to have 
problems with other languages for the keystrokes.

If there are problems, I can make these keystrokes configurable, I think.

I'm going to try this.
Thanks again, Paul!

On 26/07/2019 20:22, Torsten Paul wrote:
> On 26.07.19 19:33, Juan C.Cilleruelo wrote:
>> If it's possible without close and reopen OpenSCAD.
> For giving a specific viewport setting when loading a file,
> you can include the $vpX variables to setup a fixed viewport
> on preview/render.
> The saved state is Qt internal, I don't know what the
> format is and if it can/should be driven from outside.
> That said, there's an (experimental) InputDriver for DBus
> which allows external programs to interact with a running
> OpenSCAD. But so far that is only available on Linux.
> There might be a way to get DBus working on Windows, but
> I have never tried.
> ciao,
>    Torsten.
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