[OpenSCAD] Making a whole of small parts

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Fri Jul 26 17:04:29 EDT 2019


as I'm coming from onShape, I'm kind of lost sometimes.
I design boxes for hosting hardware. Most of the time, some small parts
don't fit that well (because I made errors when taking measurements, or the
printer is not that accurate), so I modify the small part of the big box,
and print once more everything.
If I ever want to add or modify something, I have to do the same again.
Print the whole box, and not the small part of the box.
Time, resource, and energy consuming.

I thought I had found the perfect tool with OpenSCAD, because I can define
my small parts in different files, use functions and modules, so that my
small parts can be printed more quickly, and modified if needed.
I'm getting used to it, but I'm not sure I am following the right path,
embracing the right phylosophy.
For example, I'm still struggling with translate in order to replicate lots
of small parts which are symmetrical to a construction line... I should
maybe get with mirror().
But let's say it's ok, mostly ok.

How am I supposed to integrate those small parts in the bigger part?
Just with translate() followed by the call to my module (with some
parameters maybe)?
Is there any other way that would be easier, or more OpenSCAD-like?



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