[OpenSCAD] Modify the viewport without reopening OpenSCAD

Juan C.Cilleruelo juanc.cilleruelo at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 13:33:20 EDT 2019

Hello all!

I have an external program that opens OpenSCAD giving it as parameter a 
filename with the instructions.

When the data on my program is changed, I modify only the target file 
and OpenSCAD, because is in "Autoreload = True", draws the new graphic 

Until this point, all works well. Actually, all works very well. But I 
think I need new functionality or a trick.

My program works on various levels, and when the user goes down a level 
needs to change the viewport with the mouse to see the sub-part properly.

As it run now, when the user goes up the previous level, the viewport is 
now the changed level, this is, the appropriate for the sub-part, not 
the appropriate for the current part.


What I need is: When the user goes down to a sublevel, save the current 
viewport, and when the user returns to this level, restore the saved 


If it's possible without close and reopen OpenSCAD.

My program makes some changes in the registry before calling OpenSCAD. 
I've see State registry variable that saves some info. But I don't know 
his format, nor the values saved nor if I the modifications in this 
value are immediate or is necessary reopen OpenSCAD.

Thank you all for your help.

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