[OpenSCAD] How get OpenSCAD running on macOS Catalina?

Apres hugo at apres.net
Thu Jul 25 14:21:36 EDT 2019

To check things over I did a new install of virtual box, Catalina and OpenSCAD from the current binary on the website to my iMac and successfully launched the openscad app.
The only thing I can think of at this point is that I have the developer Catalina beta and I presume you have the open beta.

Has anyone had any success running openscad on a virtual box Catalina partition? I’m away from my computer for a few days but when I return and if this issue isn’t resolved I’ll download the public beta and see if I encounter problems.

Whether you are using a plug in mouse or trackpad should be immaterial.... as stated, all you should need to do is hold down the control key, secondary click on the OpenSCAD app... a menu should appear and you should primary click on”open” That should reveal the dialog you mention... but there should be a third option of “open”... it’s the use of the control key the makes the third option appear.

> On Jul 25, 2019, at 10:21 AM, John Lussmyer <Cougar at casadelgato.com> wrote:
> On Thu Jul 25 10:07:29 PDT 2019 paulhaeberli at gmail.com said:
>> I plugged a physical mouse into my MacBook and it does not matter
> You might need to change
> System Preferences -> Security & Privacy, "Allow apps downloaded from".
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