[OpenSCAD] leaving more "air" in threads?

Lee A 683lee at 337lee.com
Sun Jul 21 17:41:35 EDT 2019

I wonder how much the printer accuracy applies here.
Yesterday  Steven Dick posted mating parts to see how well they fit. I 
didn't print that one.
A couple of days ago Revar Desmera posted a XY printer slop test block 
he designed. I printed that one and found that same size parts do not 
slide together as I expected. On my printer .15 difference slides 
together nicely with just a little play while .10 is a snug fit (almost 
Lego style) and .05 I think I  could get them together (hammer maybe) 
but I fear they won't come apart again.


On 7/21/2019 4:14 PM, Hugo Jackson wrote:
> You can make a threaded joint more tolerant by either increasing the 
> diameter of the nut (because you’ll be subtracting the thread you 
> create from the exterior sides of the nut) or by decreasing the 
> diameter of the bolt… or a bit of both. As long as you don’t change 
> the pitch of the thread then you are simply creating more space 
> between the mating edges of the thread on the nut and bolt.
>> On Jul 21, 2019, at 1:04 PM, Bruno Boettcher <bboett at gmail.com 
>> <mailto:bboett at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> Hello!
>> i am back at my spoolholder project.... managed to print one 
>> exemplary, bugged as hell, but still, at least with my printer, 
>> screwing the nut on the screw was quite hard....
>> so what is the best way to add more tolerance to this? will scale not 
>> change the overall geometry of the screw?
>> i used http://dkprojects.net/openscad-threads/ latest version, but i 
>> didn't find an add more space to the internal parameter?
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>> ciao
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