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Alex Gibson alex at alexgibson.net
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I agree the gel superglue is the best for surfaces with good contact.

For joining parts by textured sides, I would recommend the original 'Gorilla
glue'.  It expands slightly into the texture and makes a less brittle joint.

Another option is I use a '3d printing pen' as a welding device.  For a
really solid join, if you can get the internal access to the part, make a
grid of holes on the mating surface and 'plug weld' the two parts together
at those points.

You can add a couple of studs to the other side which line up with the holes
for a fantastic alignment - or just a matching hole and put a bolt through
them while you do the other welds.

This is a description of the process in metal but the actions are exactly
the same, I just use a pastel pink '3Doodler' clone!


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I was just recommended this:

Thus arnholm at arnholm.org hast written on Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 05:15:13PM
+0200, and, according to prophecy, it shall come to pass that:
> On 2019-07-19 16:40, Bryan Lee wrote:
> > Other than that, I've used Cyanoacrylate/superglue to glue PLA.
> Thanks for the replies. I was mostly interested in something easily
> available and superglue fits the bill.
> Carsten Arnholm

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