[OpenSCAD] extruding plain draws or saving plain draws into STL files.

Juan C.Cilleruelo juanc.cilleruelo at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 03:03:23 EDT 2019

I've discovered the next thing in OpenSCAD and I want to know if it's a 
logical situation or is a limitation or if it's a bug behaviour.

1st : I can't use linear_extrude() with modules that use 3D 
instructions, only with those that use exclusively 2D instructions.

2nd: I can't export to STL a drawing that uses exclusively 2D instructions.

if I want to generate an STL file with only 2D instructions, I need to 
apply at least a 0.1 of linear_extrusion to the drawing.

3rd: As a consequence of the first, I can't use linear_extrude() to 
extrude an imported STL, because its content is always in 3D.

Did anyone know a tip or trick to save 2D drawings into an STL and to 
extrude an STL file imported?

Thank you all in advance!

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