[OpenSCAD] Joining parts

openscad at ray.bellis.me.uk openscad at ray.bellis.me.uk
Thu Jul 18 17:31:14 EDT 2019

On 18/07/2019 20:37, Dan Shriver wrote:
> I am looking on having a discussion on joining printed parts.
> Basically, I am looking to see if people have suggestions on friction 
> fit methods for joining parts together (like legos do).  It could be 
> something you brewed up yourself or something you found elsewhere.  Does 
> anyone have friction fit joining mechanisms they like?
> I am looking for this because if I print a whole model inside the build 
> volume of a makerbot I'm going to end up with a tiny model that is hard 
> for me to inspect.

For 90 degree folded "living hinges" with retention clips see my recent 
thread at:


Oddly, I found that while this worked fine with the reel of Prusa PLA 
that I got with my printer, when I tried it recently with a year-old 
reel of cheaper "Suntu" brand from Amazon I found that the parts 
wouldn't fit, causing the pegs to just snap off.

I bought a reel of "ANYCUBIC" PLA instead, and that works much better.


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