[OpenSCAD] Joining parts

adrianv avm4 at cornell.edu
Thu Jul 18 16:49:46 EDT 2019

I think I saw a design for prints to interface with LEGOS.  

The one time so far that I've done this I used tapered sliding dovetails. 
For my design I didn't care if the joint lined up and I figured the taper
would absorb errors in the print.  However, in my print the joint went
together a little too far, whereas some others who printed my design on
different hardware reported having to persuade it together with a hammer.  
But I still think the sliding dovetail is a good idea.  

We had a recent discussion here about snap hinges.  

You don't indicate in your question what the geometry of your connection is,
which might affect the types of joint that make sense.  If you can use glue
you can do a puzzle-cut type approach to divide your model into parts.  

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