[OpenSCAD] a matter of speed....

macdarren macdarren at mac.com
Wed Jul 17 20:18:54 EDT 2019

Yes this is something I do as well...I also have parameters for $fn so that
smooth objects can be chunky as fast.
Adding parameter for printable vs display helps too allowing me to place
parts into relationships with others to see how they will fit together once
printed.  All that takes time of course when you just want to knock out a
quick part so I don't always do it...then I regret it when the quick part
becomes complex.  I just wish rendering parts was faster...I don't quite get
WHY is is so slow on SCAD compared to other programs but I accept that it is
and I do not want to give up SCAD so I will make my computer choice to match
the application....and continue to find ways to optimize my designs.

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