[OpenSCAD] avoiding assertion violation

Parkinbot rudolf at digitaldocument.de
Wed Jul 17 11:18:42 EDT 2019

So your problem is clear. You try to rotate around a single vertex and get a

The following modification avoids this problem by introducing another point
on the y axis and creating an edge on the y axis. 

function coshPolygon(multiplier, power, domain, flip, steps) =
    let (flipValue = flip ? cosh( ( multiplier *(pow(domain,power))) ) : 0)
    let (result = [for(i = [0.0001: (domain / steps) : domain]) [i,
flipValue - cosh(  ( multiplier *(pow(i,power)))  )] ])
        concat(result, [[0, result[len(result)-1][1]]]);

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