[OpenSCAD] avoiding assertion violation

Carsten Arnholm arnholm at arnholm.org
Wed Jul 17 09:59:27 EDT 2019

On 17.07.2019 15:23, nop head wrote:
> How does it differ from the OP's?

We might perhaps know if the source is posted.

The claim that touching the Y-axis in a single point is causing 
assertion when used in rotate_extrude can be tested:

   polygon([ [0,0],[2,-2], [2,2] ]);

This works fine in OpenSCAD 2019.03.31 and it can be exported 
successfully to various formats, including OFF (sing1.off, vertices=15 
faces=28) and STL (sing1.stl, vertices=84 faces=28).

The assertion occurs in OpenSCAD if you try to union with a cube:

   polygon([ [0,0],[2,-2], [2,2] ]);

Or this way, it also gives an assertion


Now, if you import the OpenSCAD-generated model into AngelCAD 
(OFF-version) and union it with a cube as above and save it as test2.off:

// AngelCAD code.
shape@ main_shape()
    polyhedron p("./sing1.off");
    return p + cube(1);

In this case there is no problem, it works fine as shown in enclosed PNG 
image, and


$ polyfix test2.off

   input_file = test2.off

polyhedron 0 ================= volume=29.4181, dtol=0.01, atol=1e-06, 
iteration 0: vertices=20 faces=38
              total changes=0
              no warnings

              polyhedron 0: vertices=20 faces=38 : no warnings


Therefore, the problem seen in OpenSCAD is not really in rotate_extrude, 
but how the model is interpreted when subject to union using CGAL. The 
same union using Carve works fine as should be expected.

Carsten Arnholm
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