[OpenSCAD] a matter of speed....

Doug Moen doug at moens.org
Tue Jul 16 08:18:32 EDT 2019

If preview doesn't work for you because "it often results in objects I can't rotate smoothly", then a new GPU should help.

The GPU isn't used for rendering. What does speed up rendering is a large CPU cache and fast RAM. For example, see this old forum thread, where benchmarks are used to prove this: http://forum.openscad.org/OpenSCAD-performance-numbers-td4707.html

Multiple cores helps, but I think this is model dependent, since I don't think that multiple cores helps with the final top level union.

Lots of RAM is a good thing, it allows you to render larger models.

Doug Moen

On Mon, Jul 15, 2019, at 7:06 PM, macdarren via Discuss wrote:
> I have been using scad for some time now...and my computer is getting
> older...
> I do many models with threads and other features that just take a long time
> to render.
> I spend about 25% of my design time trying to either work out speed ups to
> rendering or adding switches to enable high speed vs high detail render
> options to my designs....
> Preview is often not really an option...it still takes time and often
> results in objects I can't smoothly rotate or that have what I might call
> artifacts that make tight tolerances hard to see.  And since scad has no way
> to actually query objects so I could perhaps use software inspection I have
> to rely on human visual verification.
> I am okay with that but the rub is it takes too long to fix and re-render
> things.
> So thinking about computer replacement...the way to speed these days seems
> to be threading and multiple CPUs and also offloading certain things to
> GPUs.  So what is the best way to go for a new machine...just get the
> fastest possible clock rate for the CPU (am maybe forgoing newer cpu in
> favor or older higher clock rate?..seem I can just ignore core
> count....since it seems scad is single threaded...or is there a GPU that
> might help?  Is there any advantages in the various CPU families ... Xeon
> server class vs i7/i9 CPUs?  How to I select a machine optimized for Scad,
> which is now the only application I find holding me up when working....
> Is there any option or future thought to multi-thread SCAD?
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