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discuss wrote
> So what is the best way to go for a new machine...just get the
> fastest possible clock rate for the CPU (am maybe forgoing newer cpu in
> favor or older higher clock rate?..seem I can just ignore core
> count....since it seems scad is single threaded...or is there a GPU that
> might help?  Is there any advantages in the various CPU families ... Xeon
> server class vs i7/i9 CPUs?  How to I select a machine optimized for Scad,
> which is now the only application I find holding me up when working....
> Is there any option or future thought to multi-thread SCAD?

There is a multi-thread test build*, needs plenty of testing, nobody has
worked out away to formally test for thread conflict yet. So I just throw
workload at it, hasn't produced any broken STLs yet, [except where I broke
it   :|   ].

Trouble is the final union of all objects is still a single CGAL call and
takes a long time.

So because of that you want the best single thread CPU, but you also want a
number of them to speed-up the initial phase.

I don't have experience with Xeon, but architecturally they are the same,
but tend to have larger cache but less GHz, if buying new generations I
don't think it matters much, go for more GHz.
I've been procrastinating on a Threadripper 2950X 16-Core (3.5/4.4 boost
GHz) , but just saw the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X w 12core/24 thread 3.8/4.6 boost
(I note the 2950X is reduced or out of stock in some places, this can hint
that something is coming...)

GPU doesn't help much. AFAIK there are no developments to utilise GPU

* see https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/2399
For Windows/64 see:
I'm not sure where to get it for Linux.

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