[OpenSCAD] aligning/flooring all objects

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Fri Jul 12 05:16:19 EDT 2019

Bounding box isn't implemented in OpenSCAD because geometry is not
calculated for the preview, so it isn't available until you do F6. Not only
that but all expressions are evaluated before the geometry is created. That
is why you can never query the geometry, you can only specify it.

On Fri, 12 Jul 2019 at 09:47, <arnholm at arnholm.org> wrote:

> On 2019-07-11 20:00, lar3ry wrote:
> > I see that many folks have asked for a way to find and use a bounding
> > box in
> > OpenSCAD, and I wonder if it will ever be implemented. It would be very
> > handy, and its use could be implemented as just information in the
> > console,
> > or used directly in something that might be called
> > "absolute_translate().
> It is a handy feature, standard in AngelCAD, where any shape can return
> a bounding box
> https://arnholm.github.io/angelcad-docs/docs/classshape.html#a9511e310496d8d70c26cf0c4b59b0200
> https://arnholm.github.io/angelcad-docs/docs/classboundingbox.html
> Carsten Arnholm
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