[OpenSCAD] need help for beveling/smoothing

bboett bboett at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 13:41:33 EDT 2019

hello again!

well :( didn't work (as sayd code is in

i added the minkovsky transform to the final stage, and the whole thing
bites the dust with a 
Parsing design (AST generation)...
Compiling design (CSG Tree generation)...
Rendering Polygon Mesh using CGAL...
ERROR: CGAL error in CGAL_Nef_polyhedron3(): CGAL ERROR: assertion
violation! Expr: e_below != SHalfedge_handle() File:
/usr/include/CGAL/Nef_3/SNC_FM_decorator.h Line: 427
Geometries in cache: 143
Geometry cache size in bytes: 1374856
CGAL Polyhedrons in cache: 24
CGAL cache size in bytes: 67098656
Total rendering time: 0 hours, 1 minutes, 24 seconds
Rendering finished.

that'a in the file
that calls https://github.com/nohkumado/spulenhalter/blob/master/knauf.scad
and adds the thread...
without the minkovsky transform, no problem, preview and compile work, with
the transform, the preview is ok, but the compile fails :'( what'ß going
wrong? anyway to fix this?


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