[OpenSCAD] aligning/flooring all objects

bboett bboett at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 11:30:47 EDT 2019

somehow, didn't find anything in the docu, so i must be looking at the wrong

i am still dabbling with my spoolholder, and made one openscad file where i
assembled the 2 pieces (ok, i could print the separately, but since i am
still learning....)

somehow, i managed to put a gap around 1.5mm into my drawings....
so when i try to print them, one is fine, and the other is printed into thin

now i could tell  the slicer to put in some raft, but thats unelegant....

so is there a way, when i use a module from another file, to tell it to
floor it on (0,0,0)? 
or is there a way to tell exactly what the gap is, to be able to make a

thanks in advance


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