[OpenSCAD] need help for beveling/smoothing

bboett bboett at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 10:30:40 EDT 2019


i am trying to design my own spool holder for my 3D printer (i know there
are more original stuff to do, yet, i found nothing directly usable, so...)

i have put the actual state into https://github.com/nohkumado/spulenhalter

at the moment it is quite coarse, i am still a beginner with openscad, the
rim is not as i want it to be, it still protrudes a bit, the encroachings
need bevelling to be more gentle to the touch (well sandpaper is your
friend... but if i could do without...)

i read about the different bevel libraries, but only found ones that work on
straight lines, and mine are (should be) curved (my polygons are still
rough....) i found some examples on curved surfaces, but the stuff presented
there exceeded by far my mathematical prowesses.....

so if someone has some tips, or even maybe could look into the knob:


and make it more smooth, would earn my neverending thankfullness!

thanks in advance


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