[OpenSCAD] What's the best way to accomplish splitting these elements?

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Mon Jul 8 04:30:04 EDT 2019

guaranteed_interwoven wrote
> (As an aside, I have been writing openscad code the same way I am used to
> writing C, with the opening braces on the next line. However, I defer to
> the
> style guide of the language of course, is this generally frowned upon?
> Should I adopt the style I have seen in examples in this thread?)

Personal taste. I like saving vertical space in the editor.
Your way allows the command to be commented out for debugging. e.g.

  gen_node(data[0][0], data[0][1], data[0][2]);
  gen_node(data[1][0], data[1][1], data[1][2]);
  gen_node(data[2][0], data[2][1], data[2][2]);
  gen_node(data[3][0], data[3][1], data[3][2]);

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