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DanS wrote
> So I'm wondering if my general approach to a problem is bad.
> difference() {
>   hollowHalf()
>   mirror([1,0,0]) {
>     solidHalf()
>   }
> mirror([1,0,0]) {
>   hollowHalf()
> }

What is hollowHalf & solidHalf?

As a general rule your should try to check what each component looks like
before doing bigger pictures, so use the '!' modifier* in the above, first
on 'hollowHalf()', then on 'mirror()[1,0,0]) solidHalf()' the on
'mirror([1,0,0]) hollowHalf()'. Then remove '!' and use '#' on
'mirror()[1,0,0]) solidHalf()'.
* see https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSCAD_User_Manual/Modifier_Characters

I can't see how mirror() can work here? Mirror will put the object in an
opposite plane which will not overlap so there is nothing to difference().


// ball - sphere in the positive quadrant
module ball(s=10, c="black") color(c) translate([s,s,s]) sphere(s, $fn=s*3);

mirror([1,0,0]) ball(10,"red");

Isn't the solid=false, 'wishbone' already hollow?

I'm not seeing what type of structure you want.

> My end goal is to make six passageways that interconnect with arches2().

Is that 6 passages each of which is an arches2()? [perhaps with different
How are they arranged?

Perhaps there is a picture on google resembling what you want?

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