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Sat Jul 6 19:55:14 EDT 2019

Parkinbot wrote
> Note that I had to include a reverse() to correct the
> point order. 
> Your problem
> might be that a loop from 104 to 105 will return two identical polygons,
> which will trigger the CGAL error, when skinned.
>      skinv=[
>            for (i=[104 : 1 :  105])  // identical polygons

Note the 105 prolem is caused by a gap in the ogee, see ogeepolyPath(),

    // Lower Right Outer arc
    lro = [ for (i = [0:1:lowerpoints-1])

Remove the '-1' fixes that gap, and [0:1:105] is good geometry. 
[Dan, same issue with ogeepoly()]

When I included reverse() the result is everything is inside-out.
(note on closer examination the cube() has no purple, that is an artefact)

Without reverse(), without show-edges:
Those purple bits behave as if there is z-fighting, when you rotate the

It gets very psychedelic:

With show-edges:

I have no idea what's going on...

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