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It depends what you want to test.

My end goal is to make six passageways that interconnect with arches2().
So far, for whatever reason, I can't even join 2.  My idea was to take one,
and subtract the solid mirror version of it, then re-add a mirror version
(not solid).  The interior would not be correct but the exterior would be

arches2() alternates between a roman arch and an ogee arch.  One transition
goes from a fat roman arch to a thinner ogee, then it goes from that
thinner ogee to an even thinner roman arch and then the cycle restarts.  It
does this on a path that is itself one half of an ogee arch.

All the other arch#() ones are just for testing.  I tried to put comments
before them to give an idea of what they do, also I have commented out
example tests with comments that showed my console results (some of the
tests involve union with a cube, others involve intersecting these arch
sets).  O

echoit() routines at the start are for debugging, they can be turned off by
just having them return the input value or turned on to enable where they
are used to output messages

arches8() can take start and end arguments that specify how many iterations
to do (another person on the list was suggesting fewer iterations)

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> Which commented out call should I use?
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