[OpenSCAD] What's the best way to accomplish splitting these elements?

guaranteed_interwoven kerryhall at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 18:55:41 EDT 2019

Assuming I have:

translate([4, 5, 0])
cylinder(d1=10, d2=0, h=10);

cylinder(d1=10, d2=0, h=10);

translate([-5, 3, 0])
cylinder(d1=15, d2=0, h=10);

The result is this:


This is just a simple example. I need to be able to split this up into
chunks for 3d printing. (It's for an art project)

Right now, I'm doing 160x160 mm regions (via intersection with cube). 

However, this leaves very very ugly inorganic seams.

I would like to be able to do basically "intersections between cones
extruded along z axis", for lack of a better term.

Where two of the cones intersect, I would like to be able to "cut straight
down" to the xy plane. 

The result for this example would be three separate objects, that get
"cylinderified" at the points where they intersect.

Does this make sense? I can provide a pencil sketch if that would be helpful

This must be possible, I just am not skilled enough with openscad to achieve

My thought is perhaps create 2d profile shapes from the intersection of the
cones, projected to an xy plane at z = 0. Then extrude those above the cone
max heights. Finally, one by one, do intersections of those extruded
projections with each cone. I'm not exactly sure how to do this though.

(In addition, what is the name of the operation I am trying to accomplish

Thank you so much!!

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