[OpenSCAD] QScintilla and shift-option-left/right keys on OSX

QuackingPlums quackingplums at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 5 08:44:27 EDT 2019

Ok, I think I found a thread and a commit that might be in direct conflict
with standard OSX key behaviour.

The commit here looks like a PR to assign the shift-option-arrow keys to
some 'number precision extension'? 
Am I reading that right? It's been too many years since I've been a coder!

Issue 2885 seems to cover this scenario:
It looks like we keep flip-flopping between hijacking option-arrow and
shift-option-arrow. Both of these are standard/reserved combinations but the
last few comments seem to imply that we have to live with one of these
combos being hijacked, and evidence would suggest that the
shift-option-arrows combo lost out.

Is this interpretation correct? Are we really saying that we're losing this
functionality and sticking two fingers up at OSX users, especially with the
basic editor being deprecated? That would be similar to hijacking
shift-ctrl-arrows on Windows!

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