[OpenSCAD] QScintilla and shift-option-left/right keys on OSX

QuackingPlums quackingplums at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 5 04:22:52 EDT 2019

Thanks Michael. 

Those shortcuts work in the standard editor, but stop working as soon as I
activate QScintilla. It's as if QScintilla is hijacking those keycodes but
not doing anything with them.

This has happened since the new editor was introduced, and it has never
really bothered me to have to stick to the old editor until now. I was
hoping it would have been fixed eventually but there has been a long gap
between the last two releases so I guess it might be a long wait for this

Incidentally, the following excerpt on that page is a little confusing:

> Overview over OpenSCAD keyboard shortcuts and Mnemonics
>> C - Ctrl (Cmd on Mac)
> S - Shift
> A - Alt
> M - Ctrl on Mac (Windows/Meta key on others)

It took me a while to understand what it was trying to say. I think it would
read better if it listed the 'normal' keybinds first in all four cases
(C=Ctrl, S=Shift, A=Alt, M=Meta/Windows) and then add the Mac equivalents
after (use Command instead of Ctrl and use Ctrl instead of Meta). 
At the moment, it looks like C and M are both Ctrl until you read the text
in brackets.

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